This cafe with Authentic Italian Cuisine is ‘Magnifico!’

A small but nice and decent place in Kothrud named ‘La Gustosa’, serves some delicious Italian Cuisine.

This place may be small, but will not fail to impress you with its food and ambiance.

Location and Ambiance:

This place is located in the Kothrud area of Pune, near Shivaji Maharaj Statue. This place can be easily spotted but finding parking for the place can be an issue sometimes.

This place looks really cozy and sophisticated from the outside and it sure is. The ambiance here is beautiful. It’s pretty small place with minimal seating so some may find it congested.

You should know about the service:

The management staff here is very helpful and polite. The service is good, but the service speed may vary. Overall the service is decent, you will not have any complaints.

This place has a ‘Clever’ Menu:

The menu is not too big and complicated, which saves your confusion and time while placing the order. Almost everything they have on their menu is delicious.

We will suggest you some dishes, which you should definitely try:

1. Pollo Pesto Bruschetta (Chicken):

In the Italian language “Pollo” means Chicken. So it was a Chicken Pesto Bruschetta. It is served on perfectly toasted 4 pieces of Baguette with a generous amount of Pesto Chicken. The pesto flavour is perfect and it is not overpowering at all plus the chicken is perfectly cooked and it is garnished with Parmesan cheese.


2. Polpetta Pizza:

Polpetta means Meatballs or Patty in Italian. So basically it is Lamb Meatballs thin crust pizza. The flavour of the sauce itself is very good. The meatballs are perfectly cooked too but they are a little dry also the pizza misses a little seasoning but the otherwise it is really good!

3. Campania Lasagna(Non-Veg):

This is a traditional meaty lasagna which comes with loads of cheese and that’s what you will love about this dish. The lasagna has a filling of great tasting creamy shredded chicken. The taste is really good but it is missing some tangy flavour on it for example,  maybe like a tomato sauce just to garnish it with.

4. Fettuccine Romana Pasta:

Fettuccine is a popular type of pasta from the Tuscan and Roman cuisine and is normally made in a cream sauce. You should definitely if you are a pasta lover.

5. Chocolate cheesecake:

The chocolate cheesecake something will water your mouth. The soft and creamy piece of chocolate cheesecake will just melt in your mouth. This is the perfect dessert for all the tasty dishes you will have.

Our Ratings:

Location : 4.5/5
Ambience : 3.5/5

Food :

Basil Peach Iced Tea – 2/5

Pollo(Chicken) Pesto Bruschetta : 4.5/5

Polpetta Pizza : 3/5

Campania Lasagna : 3.5/5

Chocolate cheesecake: 4/5

Management : 4.5/5
VFM : 4/5

Overall food rating : 3.5/5

Overall Restaurant rating: 4/5

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